Interviews are easy when you have tools all around you!

Personalized Individual coaching


We firmly believe that getting to know our clients helps immensly with helping them to convey who they really are. To accomplish this we work individually with each client. We spend 6 - 9 hours one-on-one with each person.


Since interviewers are trying to get to know you, our focus is you and nobody else during your sessions. It's about how you communicate your interview answers and stories.

Tough Love

Our time together is limited, so we don't believe in fluff or patting you on the back to appease you. We will give our honest opinion, even if it hurts.

Building Blocks

We're not here to tear you down or let you get away with 'good enough'. We provide tools for you to draw upon to make your interview as comfortable as possible. And ultimately, successful.


When we provide feedback, good or bad, and explain our rationale so you can learn what perception the interviewers may have. We will help you brainstorm stories and offer suggestions on how to present yourelf.


We are here for you. We don't believe in meeting with you and turning you out to pasture. If you have questions or concerns it just takes an email. We are happy to answer via email or jump on the phone, whatever you need, right up to your interview.


While we welcome phone calls, Email is preferred

Phoenix, AZ
Phone: (+1) 303 386 4133
Email: lori@flytheline.com