Below are instructions for booking the full Pilot Interview Prep course.
If you're looking for career counseling or other single services, you will find them in the categories listed or under Stand Alone Sessions.

Select your target airline below.

You are scheduling the face-to-face meetings, which are sessions 3, 4 and 5.
(if session 5 is applicable to your airline)

Sessions 1-4 are successive and build upon each other.
Session 5 is independent.

Ideal spacing:

  • Session 3 a week or more from now
  • Session 4 a week to 10 days later, or closer to your interview
  • Session 5 can be scheduled at any time.
Once you have booked your face-to-face sessions, you will receive an email for video session #1.
Please book ALL of your one-on-one sessions. I cannot guarantee the calendar will have avialability later.
You will have the ability to reschedule yourself using a link provided in the appointment confirmation

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