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Airline Pilot Interview Prep: Full Course

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Our interview prep course is a process and very comprehensive (6-9 hours minimum of one-on-one) so we have split the course into smaller sessions. All sessions are one-on-one.
With this platform you will be able to get started on a good study path quickly and allows us to maximize our individual time together for the most benefit.

Video Session #1: 
Watch when your time allows, followed by homework to be done prior to moving on to video #2.
The first session we cover fundamentals, building  blocks, and is in video format being conscious of your valuable time.  We want to change the way you think - so we  need to start at the beginning. This is the foundation which the entire course builds upon.
•     Homework for you to work on to help solidify what you learned in the first session. This is a very important  piece and cannot be skipped. You'll need several hours, to a couple of days.

Video Session #2:
This video, moves into finishing  fundamentals; learning how to structure stories, conflict, dirty laundry, etc.          
•      Additional homework is assigned based on what we learn in  session 2.  You'll need several days, to complete  it.  Most folks take several days, even up to a week or  more and must be completed prior to session #3..    

Session # 3:
This 3-hour session is one-on-one, in person online via Zoom. We start with any questions or hiccups you had with homework #1 & homework #2. This is a working session where we make sure you are thinking like an interviewer, understanding interview questions, brainstorm stories & make sure story structure is correct.

Session #4:
This 3-hour session is one-on-one, in person via Zoom and is where we put everything you learned from session one and two into motion.  The session starts with clearing up any questions you have or concers about interview questions. That is followed by rapid-fire questions where your consultant will listen to all your stories.  We will explain why a story is good, or why it is bad and what an interviewer is really hearing. We will offer suggestions and brainstorming help.

Session #5:  (Delta, Frontier, SWA)
This 3-hour one-on-one, in person via Zoom session is for the WWYD hypothetical questions or the SBI/LOI/SBQ scenario portion of your interview. It is not required to complete this session sequentially as it does not rely upon prior sessions. Although it is advised to complete it after session #3.

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