HR Pilot Interview Prep

Single Sessions
Interviews are easy when you have all tools around you!

Stand Alone, individual sessions

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We recognize that not everyone has the need or the time to complete the full HR pilot interview course so we have created several options for stand-alone sessions. Each session is 3-hours in duration, except for counseling by the hour, where you can choose the number of hours you would like.


For those who have completed the full course relatively recently, but need a tune-up. This session is set up to be free-form, covering whatever topics you feel need improvement or wherever you have concerns. We will also complete a rapid-fire type of question and answer period. As always, we will explain why we like and answer or story,or why we do not like an answer or story.


The short course was designed for those who have been through interviews before, don't have enough time to complete the full course or simply need to fine-tune.
It consists of video session #1, video session #2, the homework for each session and one 3-hour one-one-one, in person session via Zoom. Like the refresher, it is set up as free-form covering topics of concern and answering interview questions.


This session is for those who only need assistance with how to approach hypothetical (WWYD) questions or only need to cover the Situational Based SBI/SBQ) portion of their interview.

Counseling by the hour

Many people have incidents from their past that seem awkward to address. Need help deciphering how to discuss these areas? Set up an appointment to discuss any special needs or challenge areas as well as how to present them during an interview. You can select however many hours you would like to work.

Videos only

Schedule full and you can't get an appointment? Don't have time for one-on-one sessions?
Good news! We have now made available our 2 foundational videos, including the homework normally assigned in the full interview prep course. You can find these in the stand alone sessions section on our appointment page.


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