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"There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance."

- Socrates

Resources and Services for the Professional Pilot

Welcome to Clark Aviation Consulting. We are proud to provide world-class pilot interview preparation, aviation/airline consulting, resume optimization, career counseling, expert witness services and inspirational workshops for professional pilots aspirant for their next career move. As we enter our 27th year of involvement in the commercial aviation industry we are pleased to provide this valuable benefit.

Our team is comprised of industry insiders that have personally conducted over 10,000 interviews in our collective 30+ years of experience with airline interviewing and hiring. Our airline interview experts' experience includes Human Resources and FAR Part 91/121 flight operations.

Airlines we prep for:
Since 2004, our clients have continued successful careers with such companies as:
*Alaska Airlines, *United Airlines,*Frontier Airlines,*American Airlines, *Spirit,
Southwest Airlines, *jetBlue, FedEx, UPS,*Delta, *Atlas, Emirates, Allegiant and more.

*specialty airline

Please read our Testimonials page for comments from our clients. If you would like a reference we will be happy to provide.

We also specialize in expert witness services within the commercial aviation industry.

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